IT consulting that will take your startup off the ground, or make your business shine

Carlo Capocasa

Carlo has more than 12 years of professional IT experience and likes to keep it short, sweet and to the point.

He made a name for himself with simple, pragmatic solutions, an obsessive drive and vision to deliver orders of magnitude more value, and a dedication to the utmost quality.

Get value, fast

We identify the smallest reasonable improvement we can make, implement it rapidly, and take it from there. You stay in control.

Full Startup Architecture

Carlo can set up everything you need to get your startup up and running, now. Then your hires can learn from it and extend it.

Intelligent Payment System

Take your normal bank account and supercharge it. Trigger direct debit charges or transfers using anything. Trigger anything to happen on incoming transfers. 0% and 0ct payment fees, ideal for low margin businesses.

Business Automation

If it's on a computer, you can automate it. Hire me to write code that works for you, never makes mistakes, doesn't need breaks, pay or vacation, and does things that make you money.

Strategic Technology Evaluation

Looking into a technology but not sure if it's a fad, or right for you? Get smarter. Know if you can use it, and how you could use it, now.


Sometimes, adding a small hardware offering can give your software the edge it needs to define and dominate a niche market. We can also- often- give your hardware what it needs to be smart. Having someone think about everything at once- business, cloud, edge- gives you the product market fit to thrive with.

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